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Ratelle & Associates offers CAD (Computer Aided Design) and BIM (Building Information Modeling) as well as full service consulting for standard and unique medium-sized projects. The firm has experience in program planning and organization, site surveying and building evaluation, analysis of program and schematic design, design development, specification and drawing production as well as contract administration.

Ratelle & Associates Ltd. was initially established in the 1980's to provide architectural drafting services to individuals, contractors, developers, engineers, and industrial firms. Over the years we have broadened the size, scope, and complexity of the projects we take on.

  • Animated architectural visualization videos for project marketing
  • Real time walk-thrus and fly-bys for client presentations
  • Large and small scale residential & commercial drafting
  • Comprehensive interior design services
  • Shop drawings, as-built drawings and a variety of diverse and unique drafting projects for individuals and companies

Through the past number of years we've had the chance to partner with several top quality Architects as well as Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, not to mention numerous other disciplines to provide a full service package to clients as required.

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